How to contact Facebook customer service phone number USA?

Facebook customer service phone number USA or Facebook customer care phone number USA, unfortunately there is no phone number to reach Facebook.

Now a day Facebook is mostly used and favorite social networking website.  Facebook helped a lot to remove stress from our daily lives. On Facebook we will connect with our friends as well as strangers.

To use Facebook you need to create an account with your Phone number or email. Here we will tell you how to contact genuine Facebook customer service phone number USA.

Kindly follow below steps to contact Facebook customer care USA.

First you need to determine exact problem what are you facing with Facebook. Then open

Now you will find below options to contact Facebook customer service phone number USA.

Facebook customer service phone number usa
  • Profile & Setting: – Here you will learn problems related to your Facebook profile like, how to add profile picture, edit about info and manage shared posts on your timeline.
  • Facebook Pages: – Get help in creating new page and managing pages and how to connected with pages you are interested in.
  • Messaging:- Here you will get help to resolve problems related to your Facebook messenger.
  • Notifications Settings: –change the notifications setting which you want to receive or not, Facebook customer service number USA always there to help you.

If you have questions about paid Ads visit for Facebook customer care number USA.

Below are the options available on above link.

  • Fundamentals: – This is like beginner’s guide for Facebook Ads help you with budget and creative tips.
  • Ads: – Grow your business concluded Facebook advertising, with boosting a post or running ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Pages: – Facebook Pages permit businesses to grow their brand, raise their audience and start talks with customers and people involved in learning more.
  • Billing: – When you promote on Facebook, you’ll set a budget for individually ad you run, and then we’ll attempt to spend your budget regularly throughout the time your ads are running (unless you use enhanced delivery). You won’t be indicted more than the budget you set. Recall, you’re always in control of how much you spend.
  • Optimisation:  – Facebook offers analytics and reporting that help you amount the effectiveness of your advertising and realize how it’s helping you accomplish your business goals across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.
  • Settings: – When you make an ad on Facebook for the primary time, you also open an advertising description. After you open an advertising account, you can provide more people access to the account so that they can too manage your ads.

Hope now you understand the way to contact Facebook customer service phone number USA or Facebook customer care phone number USA.

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