How to fix HP Probook Laptop Fan error 90B?

Hi friends I am using HP Probook laptop from last 2 years and I am happy with its performance. Suddenly 3 days back I heard some unusual sound from CPU fan and I restarted the laptop, once laptop rebooting it’s giving me “HP Probook Laptop Fan error 90B” and it will shut down after 15 seconds itself. Then I realize there might be a dust stuck in fan so I turned off laptop and cleaned fan vent with the help of brush. Still same problem persist my luck is with me as I have extended warranty with HP, if you have warranty with HP laptop to fix this HP Probook Laptop Fan error 90B follow below steps:

Steps To Remove HP Probook Laptop Fan error 90B?

HP Probook Laptop Fan error 90B
  1. Open your computer browser like Google chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer then visit HP Support Contact Website.
  2. Select your product like I selected Laptop now enter your HP laptop model number and serial number, it may detect your HP laptop automatically.
  3. Once your HP laptop detected it will show you phone number to call, as I located in India so they give me HP India support phone number.
  4. I called on given phone number after pressing few numbers I connected with HP support expert.
  5. As I am using commercial series Laptop so they transferred my call to commercial support.
  6. Advisor guided me with few steps which are; first I completely shut down my HP Probook to fix Fan error 90B.
  7. Now he guided me to unplug adapter from power out let and then detached battery, now pressed power button for 30 seconds and then released.
  8. Now it’s time top turn ON the laptop after inserting battery and power adapter to switch board.
  9. Yippee!! Now HP Probook Laptop Fan error 90B disappeared, it’s not over yet. Now I need to update BIOS of HP probook to remove this HP Probook Laptop Fan error 90B.
  10. Here is the HP Probook BIOS Update link, I downloaded the file and installed on my computer, it restarted itself and BIOS is updated.

Note: While you installing HP Probook BIOS Update, make sure your laptop adapter is connected to power outlet as if laptop turned off during “BIOS Update” it may crash your laptop mother board.

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