How to fix laptop or computer working slow, without much money?

While using desktop or laptop computer, most common issue is computer working slow. Today I will give you some tips to enhance and optimize your laptop or desktop speed.

computer working slow
  1. Organize your desktop main screen files, make sure you do not have heavy files on your desktop this will help you to increase your computer startup speed.
  2. Clean temporary files regularly from your computer, to clean temporary files go to run and type “temp” without quotes and hit enter, now delete all files in that folder. There are more temp files to delete them type “%temp%” without quotes in run and press enter and delete all files.
  3. Clean your recycle bin, make sure you do not have any deleted files in your recycle been, you can use shift and delete button together to delete files permanently.
  4. Run disk cleanup on all computer drivers, to run disk cleanup type “cleanmgr” in run box without quotes and hit OK. Select all drives one by one and run cleanup to remove all junk and unwanted files from your computer.
  5. Remove unwanted software and applications from computer for that you need to go add remove program in control panel.
  6. You need to clear your browsers like google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and Edge history and cache regularly, which helps you to browse websites smoothly.
  7. Sometimes we downloaded some browser extensions accidentally,which slow down your computer speed so check and remove all unwanted extensions.
  8. Scan your computer with antivirus and remove all the viruses, if you do not have antivirus do not worry download free McAfee antivirus trial to get rid from viruses and malwares.
  9. After performing all above task restart your computer and you can see the drastic change in computer speed.

Hope now you will get answer for desktop working slow,laptop working slowly, increase your laptop speed, and increase your desktop speed. You need to perform all above task at every 2-3 months so your computer speed will remain same always.

 I created a batch file with some commands which help you toperform above tasks with just one click, download ASingh System Optimizer unzip the file and save to your computer. Asingh System Optimizer will help you to cleanup junk and temporary files from your computer apart from that Asingh System Optimizer will remove your computer event logs as well.

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