How to download,activate and install McAfee antivirus activation key?

In this post I will tell you to download, activate and install McAfee antivirus with product key. We will go step by step so first I will tell you to locate McAfee antivirus product key.

How to locate McAfee antivirus product key?

McAfee one of the top most anti viruses, there are two ways to purchase McAfee antivirus online store or from physical store.

mcafee antivirus activation key
  1. McAfee Antivirus Purchased Online – When you purchase McAfee antivirus from online website, you will get all instructions and product key on your registered email.
  2. McAfee Antivirus Purchased from Physical Store- If You purchased McAfee from physical store like best buy or staples, you will get McAfee key card inside the box. Once you scratch that card you will get McAfee product key on that.  

How to download and activate McAfee antivirus with activation key?

Now you know how to locate McAfee antivirus product key, second step is to download and activate McAfee antivirus with product key. 

mcafee com activate
  1. Now you have McAfee antivirus product key, open your internet and visit
  2. It will ask you to enter 25 digit McAfee antivirus activation key codes,type that code and hit on submit.
  3. Once you hit on submit, now you need to login with your McAfee account.
  4. If you do not have McAfee account then click on sign up and create new account.
  5. After login to McAfee account you will get download link, hit on download.

Note: – When you visit make sure you type it correctly and on right place as sometimes it will send you to some fraud websites.

How to install McAfee antivirus downloaded from

You have the McAfee antivirus setup file downloaded from and your product key is activated.

install McAfee antivirus
  1. Double click on McAfee antivirus setup file and sometimes it may ask your permission to install it so you need to hit allow.
  2. You need to hit on Agree to accept the terms& conditions for McAfee antivirus installation.
  3. Now just follow the given instructions on your computer screen and hit next.
  4. After few minutes it will ask reboot to complete the installation process so do it.
  5. Once your computer turned on, update your McAfee antivirus with latest database and scan your whole computer.

Note: if you have any antivirus installed on your computer,need to remove it before installing McAfee antivirus. To see instructions about McAfee antivirus automatic schedule scan click here

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