How to remove Fake pop-up virus from windows computer?

Fake pop-virus or blue Screen virus, It is new kind of scam. This pop-up message used to treat computer users to take money from them. While you surfing Internet on opening any website they will redirect your browser to pop-up message. Sometimes while you click on any advertisement they will send you fake pop-up message. In this article I will tell you how to remove fake pop-up virus from your Windows computer.

When you click on any advertisement and you can see there is a pop-up virus on your computer, do not call on the given number on the screen. Because if you call on the given number they will ask remote of your computer and then they will show you fake morning send messages and ask money from you.

When you see this fake message on your computer screen, kindly follow the below given instructions to remove pop-up virus.

fake pop-up virus removal

1. That time when you see fake message on your browser first disconnect your Internet Immediately.

2. Restart your computer in safe mode with Internet.

3. No reconnect Internet on your computer and open your browser again.

4. If you still see the same pop-up warning again then you go to task manager and and ask your browser.

5. Now clean your browser history and open again.

6. Scan your computer with antivirus program, Eliminate the pop-up message virus problem from your computer or your browser.

7. If you do not have any antivirus on your computer then you can download McAfee antivirus trial and if you want to activate it go to

8. This step is very the first go to your browser and download ad blocker for your browser, Enable ad blocker extension on your browser it will protect your browser your computer from unwanted pop-up messages.

Note: Do not share your computer screen with any unknown person and do not give them any personal information. Never call on given phone number in pop-up message.

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