How to setup Amazon kindle device?

Kindle device launched by Amazon and used to read E-Books. Earlier Kindle only used to ready book bit now days Kindle launched kindle fire tablet which also used to surf internet and play games. Sometimes while getting issue with kindle visit to get help and support for your Kindle device.

Follow below instructions to setup Kindle device:-

how to setup kindle amazon device
  1. On Kindle device we need to login with Amazon account so first sign up for Amazon account.
  2. Full charge your Kindle battery then turn it ON.
  3. Set your Kindle language, date, time and region.
  4. Now you will see list of wireless connection, select your wireless connection enter password and hit connect.
  5. Once your Kindle will connect with Wireless router, it will ask to login with Amazon account. If you do not have Amazon account then signup for new account.
  6. Now your Kindle device is setup, download books and enjoy reading.

Most common problems with Kindle device and solution

kindle won't connect to PC
  1. Kindle Screen Frozen – Kindle screen frozen is most common problem with kindle, to fix this problem turn off your kindle device completely. Now turn on your kindle device and update your software, these steps will fix your Kindle device frozen issue.
  2. How to contact Kindle support?  – Most of the Kindle issue will fix itself but sometimes we fail to fix issues so we need to visit or you can search for Kindle contact phone number on Google. This will help you to contact Amazon Kindle phone and chat support.
  3. Kindle won’t connect to WIFI – One of the common issue is Kindle won’t connect to WIFI; reboot your Kindle go to settings select your WIFI connection and enter WIFI key to fix Kindle won’t connect. If still your Kindle won’t connect to WIFI reboot you WIFI router and follow above instructions again.
  4. Kindle can’t connect to PC – If your Kindle can’t connect to PC, connect USB cable one end to computer and other end to your kindle. Accept the notification and continue, now you will see kindle will connect to PC.

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