How to install & setup brother printer on MAC?

Brother printers are used in home and official purposes, due to best printing quality Brother Printer is everyone’s choice. In previous article we posted steps to install brother printer on windows computer. Here I will guide you all steps which requires to setup brother printer on MAC.

How to setup brother printer on MAC with USB cable?

setup brother printer on MAC with USB

1. Turn ON your printer and connect to MAC computer with USB cable, USB cable won’t come with new printer so you need to purchase it.

2. Go to preferences and click on add printer on MAC computer. 

3. It will search for your printer, once you see printer model in list select it and press next.

4. Enter your administrator password for MAC computer and follow the given steps.

5. If your printer not in the list visit

6. Once you will open enter your printer model number, it will automatically select your MAC operating system. Now hit on download button.

7. When brother printer driver for MAC downloaded, open the Brother Printer setup file.

8. Enter your MAC password hit accept and follow the instructions on computer screen.

9. Once brother printer install finishes, you will confirm with test print.

How to install Brother wireless printer on MAC?

setup brother printer on MAC with wifi

1. Make sure your printer is ON and your MAC computer connected with internet.

2. Locate the WPS button on WIFI router, this requires in next steps.

3. To install brother wireless printer open preferences on MAC computer and hit add printer.

4. Now MAC OS will search printer on network, once you see brother printer in list select and hit next.

5. Enter your MAC password hit next and click on all positives like yes, allow and continue.

6. It will setup brother wireless printer on MAC, if your printer not in list visit brother printer official website.

7. On website enter your printer model and it will search your MAC OS, hit on download button.

8. When Brother Printer wireless drivers downloaded, open the brother printer wireless setup file.

9. Type your MAC password hit accept, select wireless setup then press WPS button on wireless router and press ok button on your Brother printer within 2 minutes.

10. Once you see connection successful, check with test print.

Now you know steps to install brother wireless printer on MAC, to install brother printer on windows computer visit For Canon Printer visit Canon wireless Printer setup.

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