How to setup & install Brother Printer on Windows computer?

Brother printer is mostly used and favorite printer for computer and gadgets users. Here we will guide you to Setup Brother Printer with wireless and USB connection on windows desktop and laptop computers. will help to connect computer with USB connection?

install brother printer with USB
  1. Assemble your brother printer turn it on and connect with USB cable to windows computer.
  2. Once your printer connected successfully it will automatically install Brother USB Printer drivers.
  3. Few Brother Printer models will not connect automatically so you need to download online Brother Printer drivers.
  4. Visit look for your Printer model select your operating system and hit download.
  5. Once download will complete double click on Brother Printer drivers file.
  6. Select USB connection press next and follow the instruction to install Brother Printer.
  7. Once setup complete restart your computer and check printer with test print.

How to setup Brother Printer wireless connection on Windows computer?
  1. Turn on your computer and printer; make sure your computer is connected with wireless internet.
  2. Locate the WPS button on WIFI router.
  3. Open your Browser and look for search your printer model and hit on download button.
  4. After download finishes double click on Brother Printer wireless drivers file.
  5. Accept the license agreement and select wireless connection option.
  6. After few steps it will ask you to press WPS button on your WIFI router, after pressing WPS button press OK button on your Brother printer within 2 minutes.
  7. It will show you connection successful; now check your printer by test print.

Note: – To install Brother wireless printer your computer and printer should connect within same wireless connection. On desktop computers we do not have WIFI connection to setup Brother wireless printer on desktop you need to connect USB WIFI adapter. Make sure your internet is working and you are able to open

Hope now you have all the instruction to setup & Brother Printer with wireless and USB connection on windows laptop and desktop computers visiting

How to fix Brother Printer showing offline?

Brother printer showing offline is the most common issue with Brother Printer, to fix this issue follow the below instructions.

  1. Open control panel option in your Windows computer, right click on Brother printer and uncheck use printer offline option.
  2. This will fix your issue to get print.
  3. Sometimes to fix Brother Printer offline, you need delete and add Brother Printer again.
  4. If you still facing the same problem, visit and reinstall your Printer.

For any other query kindly ask in comment section below.

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