How to update McAfee antivirus and schedule automatic scan?

In this post I will tell you steps to update McAfee antivirus and instructions to schedule McAfee automatic scan. First I will tell you benefits of McAfee antivirus update.

Why McAfee antivirus update requires?

We all know now days it is very easy to become culprit of online fraud due to cyber-attack, a part of that there are lots of newly invented viruses, which can infect your computers and gadgets. All yours sensitive information always on risk, to protect yourself from all kind of virus or cyber-attacks McAfee servers regularly releasing some antivirus updates which help your computer and gadgets to protect from all kind of online and offline threats. McAfee antivirus will provide security from Internet,Offline, Email and Identity threats so you can make online purchase without worry.

How to update McAfee antivirus?

Now I will tell you the instructions to update McAfee antivirus with latest updates.

how to update McAfee antivirus
  1. If your McAfee antivirus installed and working properly then you just need working internet connection and it will download and install McAfee antivirus updates automatically.
  2. McAfee antivirus not updating itself no need to worry follows below steps.
  3. Open McAfee antivirus by double click on McAfee antivirus Icon.
  4. Check your internet connection working fine by visiting website.
  5. Right click on McAfee tray icon and click on Update security.

Once you follow above steps that will update your McAfee antivirus with latest updates.

How to schedule McAfee antivirus automatic scan?

This is one of the best features of McAfee antivirus security scan; it helps you to scan your computer in off hours so it won’t affect your productivity. Follow given instructions to schedule automatic scan.

how to enable McAfee antivirus schedule scan
  1. Double click on McAfee antivirus icon and open schedule scan settings page.
  2. Click on next to Use McAfee scan schedule to decide the scan timing like first day each month, once year or you can give custom time with hours and minutes.
  3. You can select scan using minimal resources so it won’t affect your computer speed.
  4. To save your laptop battery you can schedule scan while adapter plugged in.
  5. Click on apply and you are all set.

Here you all know to update McAfee antivirus and enable automatic scan schedule. To activate, download and setup McAfee antivirus visit here.

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