Why does my Printer says offline? : How do I get my Printer online?

If your question is Why does my Printer says offline? or How do I get my Printer online? Then you are at correct place. Below are the reasons which help you to know about “Why does my printer says offline?” issue.

Why does my Printer says offline
  1. Connection Issue- The main reason for “Why does my Printer says offline?” is the connectivity between your Printer and computer.
  2. Power Option- Other reason is your Printer is connected but power is not ON.
  3. Print Queue- Sometimes paper stuck in Printer and due to that your Printer says offline.
  4. Printer Settings- From control panel in Printer properties, there is click on use Printer offline option. To fix this issue follow below steps.

How do I get my Printer online?

Below mentioned steps will help you with “how do I get my Printer online?” issue.

  • Check Connection- First of all check the connectivity between your computer and Printer even its thru USB or wireless connectivity. Reconnect your Printer connections and restart it
  • Restart Printer- If all connections are successfully connected then press the power button of Printer for 10 seconds and restart it.
  • Clear Print Jobs- Still asking you “Why does my Printer says offline?” well if any document stuck in queue that will also cause for same. To fix this open Print queue and clear all pending print jobs.
  • Uncheck Use My Printer Offline- Open control panel on your computer go to Printers and right click on Printer and uncheck use my Printer offline.
  • Reinstall Printer- If your tried all steps and still no hope then one question is in your mind which is “How do I get my Printer online?” for that reinstall your Printer. First go to control panel Printer options right click and delete your Printer from the list. Reconnect your Printer and restart the computer. It will automatically install the latest and updated drivers for your Printer. If your Printer not installed itself then downloaded the latest & updated drivers from official Printer drivers website.

Hope now you have the answer for “how do I get my Printer online?” if still have any query, kindly post in below comment section.

Conclusion- Now your Printer is working fine and you are able to print all the required documents. This article helped you to fix Printer says offline issue.

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