www.canon.com/ijsetup Setup Guide for Windows and MAC computer.

www.canon.com/ijsetup is official website for Canon printer which is one of the favorite printer, popular for photo printing as well. After HP Canon is the most selling printers, if we talk about quality products it is impossible to beat Canon. In this post I will tell you how to install Canon printer on Windows and MAC computer.

How to setup Canon USB printer on Windows computer?

  1. Unpack your Canon printer, turned it ON and connect to Windows computer with USB cable.
  2. It will automatically install Canon printer drivers from Windows systems files.
  3. Sometimes Windows unable to find printer drivers for your Canon printer model.
  4. To download canon printer drivers visit canon.com/ijsetup.
  5. Type your printer model number, select your operating systems and hit on download.
  6. Once diver download will complete close www.canon.com/ijsetup.
  7. Open Canon printer drivers’ downloaded file, hit next.
  8. Select setup canon printer divers with USB connection.
  9. Accept the license agreement, follow the instructions on your computer screen and now your Canon printer is ready to print.

How to install Canon wireless printer on Windows computer?

  1. Make sure your WIFI router is ON and your computer is connected with your WIFI router.
  2. Turn ON your Canon printer and locate the WPS button on Wireless router.
  3. Go to canon.com/ijsetup on your computer and download Canon printer driver as per your operating system.
  4. If it doesn’t select your operating system automatically then you have to choose your computer operating system from the list.
  5. Download the latest and updated driver for your printer from canon.com/ijsetup.
  6. Locate the Canon printer driver file and double click on it to open.
  7. Once it will open accept the license agreement and press next.
  8. Choose install Canon printer with wireless connection.
  9. Now it will ask to press WPS button on your WIFI router after pressing it press OK button on Canon printer within 2 minutes.
  10. It will show connection successful, confirm it with test print. Now enjoy printing and provide your valuable feedback in comment section.

How to install Canon USB printer on MAC computer?

Canon USB printer setup on MAC
  1. Connect your Canon printer to MAC computer with USB cable.
  2. Go to preferences select add printer, it will search for your Canon printer model. Select your Canon printer and press next to setup Canon printer drivers.
  3. If your Canon printer model not in the list go to safari and open www.canon.com/ijsetup
  4. Type your printer model then it will detect your MAC OS version, hit on download button.
  5. Open Canon printer driver file downloaded from Canon.com/ijsetup, enter your MAC computer password.
  6. Select setup Canon printer driver with USB connection, accept the terms and follow the instructions on MAC computer.
  7. Once you see Canon printer setup complete, confirm with test print.

How to setup Canon wireless printer on MAC?

It is not that easy to install Canon printer driver on MAC computer. You need to follow below instructions to download and setup Canon printer from canon.com/ijsetup on MAC computer.

Canon printer setup wireless  on MAC
  1. Look for the WPS button on your Wireless router and turn on your Canon printer.
  2. In preferences open add printer and it will search for your Canon printer click on it and hit next.
  3. If your Canon printer model won’t show in list open www.canon.com/ijsetup.
  4. Download the latest and updated drivers for Canon printer as per your MAC operating system version.
  5. Open the downloaded file follow instructions on your computer screen.
  6. When it will ask press WPS button on WIFI router and press ok button on Canon printer within 2 minutes.
  7. Now your Canon printer driver installed from canon.com/ijsetup.

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