www.kindle.com/support : how to contact kindle support USA?

www.kindle.com/support is a website to get help & Kindle support USA, this blog will guide you to contact kindle.com/support.


To get support for Amazon Kindle device visit kindle.com/support or www.kindle.com/support to contact Kindle support USA. Kindle device launched by Amazon used to read E-books. For any help or support with kindle you need to visit kindle.com/support amazon device support website or you can call Kindle support USA and get instant help & support. Kindle E-book reader has different models which allow you to read E-books without any problem even in direct sunlight.

Earlier kindle was only designed and used to read E-books, now Kindle fire changed that myth you can play games, surf internet and watch movies on Kindle device. Amazon subsidiary lab 126 developed the hardware platform for Kindle, for support you need to open kindle.com/support on your browser and choose your device to get help from Kindle support USA. As we download stuff from play store on android phone on Kindle we have Kindle store.

Here we will give you solution for common Kindle problems.

How to setup new Kindle device ?

That doesn’t matter from where you purchased kindle, to setup your Kindle all steps are same given below.

  1. On android devices we need to login with Google account but on Kindle we need to login with Amazon account.
  2. Charge your Kindle battery full and Turn ON your kindle device.
  3. Select your preferred language for Kindle menu.
  4. Set date and time on your Kindle as per your time zone.
  5. It will show you WIFI networks select your WIFI and enter password.
  6. Now you need to login with Amazon account.
  7. If you do not have Amazon account you need to create one.
  8. Once you login with your Amazon account, your Kindle is ready to use.

Note: if you still not able to login on your Kindle then you may contact www.kindle.com/support or kindle.com/support.

How to fix Kindle screen frozen?

  1. Kindle screen frozen or black is most common problem with Amazon Kindle device.
  2. When you see your Kindle device is stuck or screen frozen, press power button for 30 seconds.
  3. When you’re Kindle completely off turn ON your Kindle back.
  4. In most cases this will fix Kindle screen frozen, if you still have any issue look for kindle.com/support.
  5. Update your Kindle software and restart it.

Kindle password forgot or how to reset Kindle password?

  1. Kindle password forgot is the second most common issue for Kindle users.
  2. To reset our Kindle password we need our registered user name or email.
  3. Go to Amazon.com website and enter your registered user name or email.
  4. Hit on Kindle password forgot option.
  5. Open your registered email; follow the instructions to fix Kindle password forgot issue.
  6. If above steps won’t help you visit kindle.com/support .

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